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Assuming the reboot of ‘Hellboy‘ is a hit we’re going to see a new Abe Sapien sooner or later and Doug Jones, who made the role his own, has some advice for the upcoming actor. Not only that, but he has let it slip that we might not be even seeing Sapien in the first outing which introduces us to David Harbour as Hellboy. We do know that the B.P.R.D. is being introduced so our fishy friend could make an appearance but from what Jones knows, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

According to the actor:

“I’m told that Abe Sapien doesn’t really show up in this first reboot movie, so for a minute here I’m kind of – I’m OK with the fact that I don’t have to watch somebody else do that role just yet. I’d love to see the first and how they set up now with David Harbour, who is a brilliant actor and sweetheart of a guy. We met at Comic-Con last year, and we hugged it out – really nice to make that Hellboy connection with him.”

Now there is a chance that he’ll show up in the B.P.R.D. section of the film or in an after credit scene but this might mean we don’t have a new Abe Sapien to look forward to quite yet. That being said, he’ll likely appear in a follow up if the film does well. Whoever gets cast in the role has some big shoes to fill, and Jones has some great advice on how to handle the character for both acting and fans without specifically saying how to play him!

“If and when Abe Sapien does enter the storyline in subsequent movies, I honestly would not have any advice for anyone besides have patience with the make-up, but otherwise make the character your own. And, also, anytime you take on a comic book character you must know your source material. The fans depend on it; the fans will want to ask you about it. It’s an injustice to the fans of the source material if you don’t know it going in. And it will help inspire you performance on film if you know the comic books that you’re coming from.”

Honestly, I love that he stresses to read up on the source material. We all know if the movie is a success that will mean interviews and convention appearances so not knowing how to compare the acting to what Mike Mignola penned initially would work against anyone – even if the performance is spot on.

Do you think Doug Jones gave great advice to whoever ends up playing Abe Sapien? What would you have added if anything? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant