David Harbour Hasn't Heard Anything About A Hellboy Sequel

Due to a poor box office performance, it should come as no surprise that the ‘Hellboy’ reboot starring David Harbour doesn’t appear to be happening but fans of the film were hopeful that it could. There was plenty of groundwork for a sequel and spinoff films littered throughout the reboot, but Lionsgate just wasn’t able to pull off a win with this poorly paced film.

According to Harbour, when asked if a follow up could happen, he shared that:

“I don’t think there’ll be much of a light. There’s a lot of people who reach out to me who really loved it and really enjoyed the new take and were just happy to see him back on the screen, but I know in the culture at large, I don’t think it was very well received.”

Critics and much of the fanbase were vocal about that either citing the movie not being good or preferring what Guillermo del Toro had done with the first two films. While parts of the reboot really did look and feel closer to what Mike Mignola had put on page, it is clear that what they had tried to pull off just didn’t work. With only bringing in $46 million on a $50 million budget it wasn’t even able to break even at the box office.


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While Harbour didn’t know the numbers off the top of his head, he had acknowledged the financial impact of not being a hit as well saying:

“I don’t think it made a lot of money. I don’t really keep up with those things too much, to be honest, but I don’t think the perception was that it was a hit, and so in that way, I don’t know that the risk is worth it. I think the idea is to move on. The producers spoke to me just saying ‘Great job,’ they really liked what I did, but I haven’t heard anything about a sequel, and I’m not hanging my hat on anything like that.”

This was a movie that I really wanted to like with the idea of kicking off an entire cinematic Mignolaverse. The story, visuals, and themes from Mignola’s work have always resonated with me, and it was a shame that they couldn’t do the source material justice.

Did you like the reboot of ‘Hellboy’? Were you hoping that they could have used what was created to still put together a quality set of films going forward? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Comic Book