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While Guillermo del Toro has been making headlines with films like ‘The Shape of Water‘, to genre fans they were introduced to his work on the ‘Hellboy‘ movies and ‘Blade II.’ With having three films under his belt inspired by comic books, you can’t help but wonder if the Academy Award-winning director would want to tackle another of these movies.

While del Toro doesn’t directly answer this question with a yes or no, his way to respond isn’t going to fill fans with much hope that he’ll be returning to the genre.


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According to del Toro:

“At each moment of your life, you do the things that attract you. And back when I was doing ‘Hellboy’ and ‘Blade,’ it was a little bit counter to what was being made. But as you grow older, your concerns as a filmmaker change. I only direct the things that I’m incredibly avid to see, and that would not exist if I didn’t tackle it. I always ask myself, ‘would this movie exist if I didn’t make it?’ And if the answer is yes, I don’t do it.”

When the ‘Hellboy’ and ‘Blade’ movies were brought to life, comic movies, for the most part, were a rarity. This was years before the Marvel Cinematic Universe would start churning out billion-dollar box office hits left and right and studios would be greenlighting nearly any comic property which they could get their hands on.

So, if del Toro found an indie graphic novel he loved to death and didn’t think it could get picked up without his name attached there is always a chance he would end up pushing to create the film. Unfortunately, this likely isn’t the case in today’s box office environment.

Would you be thrilled to see a new Guillermo Del Toro-directed comic book adaptation? Which comic property do you think the director would be perfect to tackle? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Variety