Leave it to Stephen Colbert to tell it like it is. In his latest rant, he takes to task the high profile superhero summer films, specifically ‘Man of Steel‘ and ‘Iron Man 3’,  that he feels are “destroying America.”

Colbert actually has a point. After all, Superman is supposed to represent truth, justice and the American way. He is “the quintessential American hero” being “an incredibly handsome, glasses-wearing reporter who night after night uses his superpowers to save America” much like another reporter on Comedy Central. Colbert continues on and states, “but they gave the part to some limey, Henry Cavill.” Please no one tell him about Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man!

He then jumps to the issue of ‘Iron Man 3’ and how it was partially funded by the Chinese. To pay back the “Bejing puppetmasters”, the filmmakers made a special Chinese version of the film as well as changed the name of Ben Kingsley’s villain from the Mandarin to “Man Daren”.

With Colbert, you know there’s more! Watch his entire rant below and let us know if you think he’s on the right track:

Source: Hulu