Mad Max
Village Roadshow/Warner Bros.

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ was a rare reboot of an old franchise that struck gold.  Directed by franchise creator George Miller, ‘Fury Road’ received nearly universal rave reviews, made over $400 million worldwide, and won an astounding six Oscars.  So where the hell is the sequel?  It turns out some legal issues with Warner Brothers are to blame, but according to Miller, that has been sorted out and he plans to move forward to multiple follow-ups.

Miller attempted to clarify the legal situation when speaking to Indiewire, saying:

“It all started because of the chaos at Warner Bros. and not Kevin Tsujihara, it was pre all that.  He wasn’t the antagonist, because a lot of people didn’t know what was going on and were not prepared to make a definitive stand; everybody was running around fearful, it seems, through three regimes. It was hard to get anyone’s attention, so we went to litigation. The chaos has stabilized and it’s become extremely positive as the dust seems to have settled after [the AT&T merger].”

As for what fans of ‘Fury Road’ can expect from future installments, Miller said:

“There are two stories, both involving Mad Max, and also a Furiosa story. We’re still solving, we’ve got to play out the Warners thing, it seems to be pretty clear that it’s going to happen.”

‘Fury Road’ recast Tom Hardy as the lead character Max Rockatansky, a role played in the ’80s by Mel Gibson, and introduced Charlize Theron as the kickass Imperator Furiosa, an instant fan favorite.  The movie was so successful that Miller created a black and chrome version of the film and released that version in a limited run in theaters.

Fans immediately wanted more post-apocalyptic adventures of Max and Furiosa, but it seems that now we know why sequels didn’t materialize immediately.

Are you still looking forward to more ‘Mad Max’ movies?  Or has too much time passed?