There was a huge hint in ‘Batman V Superman’ when Bruce Wayne surveys the cases holding the costumes of his fallen comrades.  In particular, he pauses on the suit of Robin, which is badly damaged and is spray painted with the inscription “Ha Ha Ha Jokes On You Batman.”  For comic book fans, this is a throwback to the ‘Death In The Family’ storyline from the Batman comics of the late 1980s when fans were asked to call in and vote as to whether current Robin Jason Todd should live or die at the hands of The Joker.  Unfortunately, fans were not enamored of this edgy, modern Robin, who was a sarcastic street punk.  That Robin died and that tragedy cast a shadow over the Batman mythos for decades to come, until Drake was restored to life in ‘Infinite Crisis’ and made it his mission to, at first, torment Batman, before becoming an antihero on his own, as the Red Hood.

When the first image of Jared Leto as The Joker in the upcoming ‘Suicide Squad’ was released, fans went wild, pointing out the many scars on his body and indicating that they corresponded to the damage on the Robin costume in ‘BvS’, speculating that this version of the Joker was actually a twisted version of Jason Todd.

That would certainly be an interesting twist!  Todd’s role in Batman lore is a unique one.  He is a former sidekick, but unlike the upstanding Dick Grayson and Tim Drake, has had a much darker journey.  And the DCEU is brand new, so it wouldn’t be too crazy to throw some huge twists into the unfolding story.

But unfortunately, ‘Suicide Squad’ director David Ayer shot this fan theory down very succinctly.  When asked if Leto’s Joker was a corrupted version of Jason Todd, Ayer simply replied:

“It ain’t the case. He’s not.”

So… there ya have it.  Jared Leto’s Joker is NOT Jason Todd.  (Then again, remember when J.J. Abrams et. al. swore up and down that Benedict Cumberbatch wasn’t playing Khan?)

Are you disappointed that the movies didn’t follow through with this twist?  Or are you just looking forward to the actual movie to make a judgement?

Source: Collider