It is hard to believe that ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ came out way back in 2015, and that there still is not concrete news about any sequels to the massive hit. Fortunately, star Tom Hardy was on hand at the recent TCA 2017 event and he spoke about the future of ‘Mad Max’ while promoting his new FX series ‘Taboo,’ confirming that there is more to come as series creator George Miller has a lot more story left in the mythology of the franchise, and now those stories can revolve around either Furiosa or Max. Hardy also confirmed that he is ready and actually anxious to get back to the character, as he really enjoyed making ‘Fury Road’ and wants to get back into it. Also, thanks to a one-on-one interview Hardy gave with Collider following his appearance at the TCA 2017 event, we got some extra information about the future of ‘Max Mad’ from the star himself about his role in the next installment:

“I’m anxiously waiting to find out. There’s mythology to do with Mad Max that spans copious amounts of tales. What’s wonderful about George [Miller] is that he’s created sagas for Max and sagas for Furiosa, so it’s what he chooses to focus in on. I’m really just waiting for the call like, “All right, let’s get the leathers on and get back out there and do some more.” It’s there. I’m just waiting for it and looking forward to it.”

Collider also asked point blank whether ‘Mad Max: The Wasteland’ was still happening, to which Hardy replied:

“Yeah, as far as I’ve signed to do three of them. It’s a question of when. I’m not sure it’s called The Wasteland or not ‘cause you never know. These titles change all the time. But, there’s definitely another Mad Max project pending.”

Lastly, Collider asked the actor what he was most excited about with the future of the franchise:

“I love working with George [Miller] and the fact that his mythology is so deep. It’s a joy to work with an artist and somebody who has the ability to be a movie maker, as well. It’s the full package, isn’t it?”

Are you excited to see more ‘Mad Max’ in the future? Do you think Furiosa could carry a movie all on her own without Max or does he still need to be present? How long can George Miller wait to release a sequel before he loses the momentum he built with the audience for ‘Fury Road?’ Share your thoughts on the franchise in the comments below!

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