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Andy Muschietti struck gold with ‘It: Chapter One’, which became the highest-grossing horror movie of all time.  ‘It: Chapter Two’ looks to be one of the biggest films of the year.  What does he want to do for a follow-up?  While he has a few projects reportedly in the pipeline, Muschietti isn’t done with horror.

When he and the cast of ‘It: Chapter Two’ presented the new trailer at the Scare Diego event at SDCC, they were asked which other horror movies they’d like to remake.  James Ransone, who plays adult Eddie Kaspbrak, quipped, “I assume to the chagrin of Stephen King that we should not remake ‘The Shining’,” in reference to the fact that King has publicly declared that he hates Stanley Kubrick’s famous adaptation, starring Jack Nicholson.  Jessica Chastain, who portrays adult Beverly Marsh, replied “Something like ‘Rosemary’s Baby’,” although she clarified that she didn’t want to make a straight do-over.


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As for the director himself?  He’d take a stab at Joe Dante’s 1981 werewolf flick ‘The Howling’.

Now that was just a response to a fan’s question, so don’t infer that Muschietti is actually working on this.  But sometimes when creative types make off-the-cuff remarks they actually do lead to something.  After Channing Tatum made an off-hand remark that he’d like to portray the ‘X-Men’ superhero Gambit, 20th Century Fox began developing a ‘Gambit’ movie for him.  The studio spent millions on multiple script drafts, but the film didn’t get made before Disney bought Fox, and scrapped all unproduced ‘X-Men’ projects.

Dee Wallace starred in ‘The Howling’ as a TV news anchorwoman who survives an encounter with a serial killer but is so traumatized that she and her husband are sent to stay at a resort in the country, which they discover is overrun by werewolves.  It was praised for its mixture of horror and comedy and was followed by a whopping seven sequels, the most recent of which, ‘The Howling: Reborn’, came out in 2011.  The original movie was coincidentally (?) released the same year as two other werewolf hits ‘An American Werewolf in London’, and ‘Wolfen’.

Would you like to see how Andy Muschietti would handle ‘The Howling’?

‘It: Chapter Two’ will be released on September 6.


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