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James Ransone has been cast as the adult version of Eddie Kaspbrak in ‘It: Chapter 2’Jack Dylan Grazer played the juvenile Eddie in the first movie.  Eddie is noted for being somewhat frail and sickly as a child, partially due to his overbearing, hypochondriac mother.  Because of his fear of illness, It manifests itself as a leper when it first encounters him.  He breaks his arm during a fight with bully Henry Bowers and wears a cast for the rest of the first movie.  The daughter of Eddie’s pharmacist signs it “Loser” while telling him that his medicine is placebos.

James Ransone
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As an adult, Eddie makes a great living in New York City, where he chauffeurs celebrities around.  Unfortunately, he finds himself married to a woman that bears a striking similarity to his mother.  Dennis Cooper played the adult Eddie in the 1990 TV miniseries.

Ransone is the second actor that has been confirmed for ‘It: Chapter 2’ following Jessica Chastain, who is playing Beverly Marsh.  Though it hasn’t been officially confirmed, it appears that James McAvoy and Bill Hader will also star as Bill Denborough and Richie Tozier.  Bill Skarsgård will return as Pennywise.

Ransone was recently seen on the HBO series ‘Mosaic’ created by Stephen Soderbergh.  He also acted on the shows ‘Bosch’, ‘Low Winter Sun’, ‘Treme’, ‘How to Make it in America’, ‘Generation Kill’ and ‘The Wire’.  He can currently be seen in the horror movie ‘Family Blood’.  He has two more films coming up, ‘Captive State’ and ‘The Buried Girl’.

Director Andy Muschietti will be back to helm the sequel to his 2017 hit.  Gary Dauberman, who penned the script for the first installment is also returning.  Jack Dylan Grazer and the other child cast of the first movie– Jaeden Lieberher (Bill), Finn Wolfhard (Richie), Wyatt Oleff (Stanley), Chosen Jacobs (Mike), Jeremy Ray Taylor (Ben), and Sophia Lillis (Beverly)– will also return in flashbacks in the upcoming film.

‘It: Chapter 2’ is scheduled to be released on September 6, 2019.

Source: Consequence of Sound