Stranger Things 4 May Begin Filming In October

Remember that long terrible wait we all had to endure last year when Netflix didn’t release a new season of ‘Stranger Things’?  We may still be basking in the afterglow of Season 3 but we may get another installment soon, as Production Weekly has listed that ‘Stranger Things 4’ will begin filming in October!  That means we are likely to get it next year.

The show’s creators, the Duffer Brothers have indicated that the next installment will venture beyond the confines of Hawkins, which is kind of a no-brainer, considering that the Byers and Eleven moved away at the end of Season 3, not to mention the fact that the series ended with a cut-way to Siberia!


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The first two seasons took place in the fall, at the start of the school year, and accordingly, the seasons themselves dropped on Netflix at the same time of year.  This year’s installment arrived on the Fourth of July to match the season’s summer setting.

Before the Byers and Eleven left, the kids made plans to see one another again during Christmas break.  Could that have been a tease for the timing of the next season?

While there were a few dangling plot threads that will likely be picked up in the fourth season, that post-credits scene left the biggest cliffhanger.  Fans are dying to know what’s up with the Russians and that Demogorgon!  And is “the American” who we all hope it is?  (Don’t take for granted that it’s Hopper though.  There are theories that it could be Brenner and that is just as likely.)

What else should we expect?

  • Eleven living without powers, or possibly seeing how long it takes for them to return.
  • Will and Eleven possibly making new friends in their new home town.
  • Steve and Robin working at the video store.
  • Erica playing D&D, possibly recruiting the next generation of Hawkins’ paranormal defenders.
  • How Max and her family deal with Billy’s death.  (Not to mention Karen Wheeler’s reaction.)
  • A possible influx of conspiracy theorists, as “rumors” of all of the bizarre happenings in Hawkins is starting to make national news.
  • Whatever happened to Eight/Kali?  (Or right, no one cares.)

It actually makes sense to get cracking on the next season, because the cast is growing up fast.  (Sadie Sink/Max and Caleb McLaughlin/Lucas are both 17.)  If they want to maintain the charm of these youthful characters, the clock is ticking.


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The bittersweet side of this promising news is that there is a chance that Season 4 will be the last.  Although nothing official has been announced, the Duffer Brothers have been clear that there will only be four or five seasons total.  As long as the story is wrapped up satisfactorily I can live with just one more season.

What do you think?