Pennywise IT

If you thought ‘It’ was scary than you should be prepared for something over the top in ‘It: Chapter 2’ says director Andy Muschietti. He shared a fun little nugget of what we can expect during the Warner Bros. panel at CinemaCon and it sounds like what he has planned is going to blow us all out of the water.

According to the director, “you better empty your bladder before it starts”!

“It’s going to be scarier and more intense, so bring your adult diapers to the movie theater.”

I have yet to almost pee myself out of fear in a movie, and while I doubt this will break that trend, I’m eager to see what Muschietti brings to the table to close out this two-part Stephen King series. The director has huge expectations to fill as ‘It’ was able to make it into the Top 10 domestic box office sales for 2017 and top 15 global which is a rare occurrence for the horror genre.

Honestly, I felt the atmosphere and sense of dread highly outweighed the fear aspects in the first movie so I think this could be a bit overstated. That being said, I loved how Muschietti did bring Pennywise to the big screen, and I’ll be checking the sequel out on opening weekend when it is released.

I’m curious as to who will end up being cast in all the roles of the adult version of “The Loser’s Club” and how much the young actors will still be around and reprising their roles in flashback sequences.

Do you think that you’ll need to “bring your adult diapers” to get through ‘It: Chapter 2’? Even without being quite that scary are you eager to check out how Andy Muschietti closes out this 2-part series? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend