Godzilla: King Of The Monsters King Ghidorah

We’re going to be seeing a slew of new Titans in ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters‘ and while we know that King Ghidorah is the main antagonist for the King of the Kaiju, we haven’t known too much about him until now. Production designer Scott Chambliss is opening up about how he created the monster and that it will be “very human” in how it interacts with the world.

Kind of a surprising take for a three-headed dragon but it is one way to differentiate it from the dragons showing up in popular culture as of late such as ‘Game of Thrones.’


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According to Chambliss:

“Ghidorah is from another planet, and he’s basically the heavy in the film. One of the challenges was, we’re inundated with dragons in our culture right now. So, Ghidorah risks being the most ho-hum of [the monsters in the film]. What Michael did was, he played on the very human characteristics. He played on characteristics that we associate with human beings, but he applied them to the monsters. Ghidorah, with his three heads, was an opportunity to have three different aspects of a generally similar creature.”

On top of this, the three heads were all played by different actors! One by Alan Maxson, Richard Dorton, and the last by Jason Liles.

Director Michael Dougherty chimed in on the idea of the three heads and likened them to dogs of all things for his inspiration:

“It was important to me that each of Ghidorah’s heads have a slightly different personality than the other. Just imagine if you had three dogs, all of the same species. I mean, it’s subtle. I used to have three dogs, and you sort of learn that they have very different ways of expressing themselves, even if they look alike. I loved the idea that each head did sort of have its own personality and quirks, with the center head being the alpha of the three. He’s the one who’s sort of the big brother and the most serious. And then, the other two are just a little bit different. One head is slightly more aggressive and tenacious. The other one displays signs of curiosity. So, in a lot of ways, they’re just like three triplets. You know, they have a lot of traits in common, but they all have their own unique way of reacting to a situation. Ghidorah, he’s a singular character with three distinct personalities and doing the mocap, the facial capture, that way just seemed to make the most sense. And it was a ton of fun too.”

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’? What are your thoughts on how King Ghidorah came to be created? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ will be roaring into your local theater on May 31st, 2019!


Source: Entertainment Weekly.