Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash CW shows

The CW has announced its fall lineup, complete with two new series.  As it turns out, the ‘Riverdale’ spinoff ‘Katy Keene’ is being held until midseason, so the network only needed to make room for ‘Batwoman’ and ‘Nancy Drew’.  One series that is taking a hit for this is ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, a show that has been bumped around and preempted a few times. The other is ‘Charmed’, but read on to learn more.

Sunday may become known as the “World’s Finest” evening, as ‘Batwoman’, starring Ruby Rose, swings into the Sunday 8pm EST slot, leading into ‘Supergirl’.  This may be bad news for ‘Supergirl’s former partner series, ‘Charmed’, which is shifting to the No Man’s Land of Friday at 8pm, leading into The CW’s poorest-rated show, ‘Dynasty’.  Not only is Friday a bad timeslot overall, but ‘Charmed’ and ‘Dynasty’ have NOTHING in common, so they aren’t even being paired up for any discernable reason.

‘Arrow’, which has been bumped all over The CW’s schedule, is returning for a shortened ten-episode eighth-and-final season and will shift to Tuesday nights at 9pm EST, following ‘The Flash’, which remains The CW’s best-rated series.  ‘Arrow’ presently airs on Monday nights at 8pm.

The poorly-rated freshman series, ‘All American’ had previously been paired with another major hit ‘Riverdale’ on Wednesday nights, but it failed to benefit from the teen soap lead-in, so it is being moved to Monday nights at 8pm EST before ‘Black Lightning’.  Perhaps the feeling is that placing two shows with African American leads together could be beneficial to both.  After earning strong ratings for its first season, ‘Black Lightning’s sophomore outing struggled.

‘Nancy Drew’ takes ‘All American’s old time slot, post-‘Riverdale’ at 9pm EST on Wednesday.  It may prove to be a better match as both are mystery series with teen characters.

The Thursday lineup, ‘Supernatural’ and ‘The Originals’ remains untouched.

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ has officially been made a mid-season replacement, and will most likely replace ‘Arrow’.  ‘Roswell, New Mexico’, ‘In the Dark’, and ‘The 100’ are already mid-season shows, and will remain such.  The CW didn’t cancel any programs this year, but ‘Jane the Virgin’, ‘iZombie’, and ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ were already known to be ending this season.

Just to recap, the new lineup is:

8 pm All American (new night)
9 pm Black Lightning

8 pm The Flash
9 pm Arrow (new night)

8 pm Riverdale
9 pm NANCY DREW (new series)

8 pm Supernatural
9 pm Legacies

8 pm Charmed (new night)
9 pm Dynasty (new time slot)

8 pm BATWOMAN (new series)
9 pm Supergirl (new time slot)

What shows are you most looking forward to?


Source: TV Line