Tom Cavanagh The Flash

Well ‘The Flash’ fans, it seems dark times lie ahead for the series, the future looking bleaker than ever before with the ‘Crisis on Infinite Earth’s’ crossover event looming ever closer, and the network revealing major changes coming as a result of the event. And this is already coming on the heels of rumors that Carlos Valdes and Danielle Panabaker (Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow) may be leaving ‘The Flash’ at the end of the current season, meaning Team Flash will be smaller than ever in the coming years, though that might actually be an essential part of Barry becoming the hero we all know from the comics.

The newest rumors about the future of ‘The Flash’ series come from sources close to the website We Got This Covered, who claim that Tom Cavanagh may be leaving the show following the ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ crossover in the fall, saying the event will  “close the story on his character(s)” as  “we’ll probably see many versions of Wells working together during Crisis and it’s possible they may all die.” It would give weight to the crossover, especially since it is dealing with an event that has been looming over ‘The Flash’ since its pilot episode, the whole idea of this “crisis” which we and the characters know about due to that newspaper article they have from the future by Iris West-Allen.

The article states that The Flash will disappear following the Crisis, but since Team Flash is known for beating the odds and changing the future, my guess is Team Welles will sacrifice itself to save Barry so he can live to fight another day. Of course, this also means the end of the Reverse-Flash as portrayed by Tom Cavanaugh if the man is truly leaving ‘The Flash,’ though the argument could be made that the Welles face was not the true face of the Reverse Flash, but I could see them finally ending the Reverse Flash story-line as well.

What are your thoughts on Tom Cavanagh leaving the series, especially amidst all these other actors poised to leave? Can ‘The Flash’ survive with so many cast members gone? Can Barry and Iris support the whole show by themselves? Or will we be seeing a string of brand-new characters brought in to fill the void in the next year or so, and be left with a show with a barely recognizable cast, completely different than the one that started five years ago? Feel free to share your thoughts on the matter in the comments below!