Stan Lee's Business Partner Keya Morgan Has Been Charged With Five Counts Of Elder Abuse

Damn.  You would have thought this would have ended with Stan Lee‘s death, but sadly, the controversy surrounding his later days is still ongoing.  His former “business partner” Keya Morgan has been charged with five counts of elder abuse.  A warrant has been issued for Morgan’s arrest after the charges were filed on Friday.  These five charges were alleged to have occurred in June of 2018.  Lee died on November 12, 2018.


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Papers were filed in June of last year and a restraining order was placed against Morgan in August.  Lee’s attorneys accused Morgan of “fraud, abuse, and embezzlement” and alleged that Morgan had mishandled $5 million of Lee’s money and that Lee “had suffered severe physical and emotional injuries because of Morgan.”  Morgan is also alleged to have isolated Lee from his family and to have moved him to a new home, without alerting the family or his caretakers.  Morgan reportedly stole original comic art, cash, and other assets, some of which had been sent to Lee to sign, after he announced he was no longer able to attend conventions.

As was widely reported, Morgan made a false police report that Lee was being held at gunpoint, when in actuality, members of Lee’s security staff had shown up for payment after Morgan fired them with no warning.

As beloved as Lee was (and still is) among comic book and movie fans, his final days were sadly mired in controversy.  He was accused by former nurses of sexual harassment (a claim he chalked up to blackmail), he claimed that his social media accounts had been hacked, and filed a $1 billion lawsuit against a company he helped found, POW! Entertainment, who Lee claimed was using his name and likeness without his permission.

Last year, Morgan responded to accusations, saying:

“For over 10 years I have shown nothing but love, respect & kindness to Stan Lee, & his wife, a fact he has repeated countless times.  This is a witchhunt by his daughter and her lawyer against me because she cannot stand the fact Stan likes me so much. I will 100% prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the allegations against me are false. The truth will come out.”

Stay tuned for updates, but here’s hoping Stan is resting in peace in the arms of his beloved Joanie.


Source: TMZ