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Poor Stan Lee. The beloved Marvel icon without whom we would not have ‘Spider-Man,’ ‘Iron Man,’ ‘Black Panther,’ ‘Thor,’ ‘Fantastic Four,’ and so many other superhero favorites, is in the news yet again for the turmoil in his personal and professional life.

Catching up, ever since the death of his beloved wife Joan last year Stan’s health has been deteriorating and many have feared that those around him, including some shifty lawyers, “business managers,” and even his own daughter, might have been swooping in to take advantage of his mental state, and were currently clashing to in attempts to take control over Lee’s personal life and his finances. After a massive expose was published by The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year exposing much of this information to the public, Stan came out on social media in support of his daughter and his immediate team claiming much of the story was false. Many doubted the sincerity of the announcement as evidence continued to pile up and rumors began to circulate about elder abuse, especially after one particularly sad YouTube video came out after a comic-book convention where it looked like a sickly Stan was being forced to sign autographs.

Now, the latest is that Stan has filed and been granted a restraining order against his business manager, Keya Morgan, an order which is reportedly 43 pages long and comes only days after Morgan was arrested on suspicion of filing a false police report. Details are not known on what the report was, but rumor claims it might have something to do with a report filed earlier this month that claimed 2 armed gunmen confronted Stan Lee in his home and demanded money from him. Morgan is free now as he was released on $20,000 bail, but things are not looking good for his relationship with Lee which seems suspicious as only days earlier Lee had posted a 45-second video message on Twitter stating that Morgan was “My only partner and business manager is @KeyaMorgan, not all the other people making false claims.” This now seems like something Lee was forced to do BY MORGAN, making the claims of elder abuse even more scary. Add to that the fact that news has come out that the LAPD has recently shared that they have been investigating claims of elder abuse against Lee since February (which they only revealed on Wednesday), and there is a chance the poor man has been forced to do any number of messages, events, and activities against his will by those supposed to be looking after him.

As of now, Lee’s former attorney Tom Lallas has begun acting as guardian ad litem for Lee, which hopefully works out better for the comic book legend.

Here’s hoping things settle down and work out for the best for Stan.

Source: THR, THR