Just For You, A New 'Child's Play' Trailer And Motion Poster

Expect the new ‘Child’s Play’ to up things from the traditional killer doll scenario.  While the new Chucky seems just as handy with a kitchen knife as his predecessor, he has a lot more “toys” at his disposal, including the ability to interface with any product made by Kaslin, which appears to be the movie continuity’s answer to Apple, as it includes everything from a home (or store)’s heating and cooling system, drones, and even cars.  This is Chucky crossed with HAL from ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’.


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Some are wary of this reboot, because… well, a lot of people are sick of reboots overall.  But the ‘Child’s Play’ remake was denounced by original co-creator Don Mancini, who turned down a chance to be part of the new movie (he says they only wanted his endorsement to help sell the picture and not his actual input).  Instead, he is adapting the original ‘Child’s Play’/’Chucky’ franchise into a TV series on Syfy, with original puppeteer/voice of Chucky, Brad Dourif.

But would a bouquet of flowers win you over?  Chucky hopes so, as he (and Orion Pictures) have released this now publicity photo in honor of Mother’s Day.

Yeah, you probably want to politely decline those roses.


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Speaking of mothers, Aubrey Plaza plays unsuspecting mom Karen Barclay, who gives her son Andy (Gabriel Bateman) the year’s hottest new toy, the interactive Chucky doll, which leads to… well, a lot of bloodshed.  Plaza discussed what drew her to the role, although she retained her signature deadpan wit.

“My mom, when I was a child, gave me a doll that tried to kill me.  No, I had a really young mom, and in fact, I think the age difference is actually what my age difference is with Gabriel, so there was something about that that I really connected to.”

Skip the roses, but here’s something you might enjoy better, the new trailer.  Check it out!


And here is one final gift, a motion poster, featuring the voice (and laugh) of Mark Hamill who brought this new Chucky to life.

‘Child’s Play’ also stars Bryan Tyree Henry, and will slash its way into theaters on June 21, 2019.


Source: Entertainment Weekly