Child's Play

Just a couple of days ago, news emerged that MGM was preparing a remake of ‘Child’s Play’ that would be a fresh start, disconnected from the long-running film series which started in 1988.  At the time, it was unclear how the reboot would impact the original franchise, but it was known that ‘Child’s Play’ co-creator Don Mancini did not appear to be involved.  Now, Mancini has confirmed that he is indeed not in any way connected to the reboot, and the same goes for original series producer David Kirschner and Chucky himself, actor Brad Dourif, who has voiced the doll possessed by the soul of a serial killer for 30 years and counting.  It seems Mancini and Kirschner have been courted by MGM on multiple occasions to sign on to the reboot as executive producers, but they have declined.  Instead, as Mancini announced in February, they will push ahead with a ‘Child’s Play’ TV series, which is currently in development, with plans for even more new movies in their establish continuity.

According to Mancini:

“We’re still working on the series and also plan to continue the film franchise with Universal.  We intend to stay true to the universe we’ve created.”

MGM’s reboot will be directed by Lars Klevberg, the helmer of unreleased horror flick ‘Polaroid’.  David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith (‘It’) are producing, with a script by Tyler Burton Smith (‘Kung Fu Fury 2’).  This project has been fast-tracked with an eye on September to begin filming in Vancouver.

Mancini co-wrote the screenplay for the first ‘Child’s Play’ with director Tom Holland, but wrote the six subsequent scripts himself.  He has also directed the films, starting with 2004’s ‘Seed of Chucky’, followed by 2013’s ‘Curse of Chucky’ and last year’s ‘Cult of Chucky’.

He is currently developing the TV series with Kirschner, and Douriff plans to stick with the original team by reprising the role of Chucky.

It’s hard to believe that without the input or even blessing from Mancini, Kirschner, and Dourif, that fans will embrace MGM’s reboot, especially when they plan to continue offering a TV show and new movies in the established continuity.  There is a question of legality.  How can Universal and MGM both have the rights to produce ‘Child’s Play’ movies?  If that question gets answered, we will let you know.

Are you a ‘Child’s Play’/’Chucky’ fan?  Are you interested in seeing a new modern take?  Or would you rather stick with the established franchise?

Source: Bloody Disgusting