SPOILER ALERT: This obviously contains a SPOILER for ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’, so proceed with caution.

Another movie, another super suit.  After all, they need to make those new action figures look different from the old ones.  A new set video from ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ shows Spidey (who may or may not be Tom Holland) swinging away with Zendaya‘s M.J.  The scene appears to have been filmed in New York City.

The biggest reveal about this short clip is Spidey’s new costume, which is red and black, with a white spider on the back.  Overall, it looks the same as the ‘Homecoming’ suit, but with black replacing blue.  It looks closer to the way that the suit was drawn and colored in the earliest Steve Ditko comics, where his suit was mostly black with blue highlights, but over time, the coloration shifted to blue.

Check out this behind the scenes clip below, courtesy of ComicGodz:

Here are two still photos that may give you a better view:


Spider-man FFH

Marvel Studios Head of Visual Development, Ryan Meinerding previously shared some concept art that was not used for ‘Homecoming’.  He notes that this design was inspired by the ‘Superior Spider-Man’ comic book.  This is a much more radical redesign than the one photographed, which overall looks the same as the ‘Homecoming’ suit.



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Wow you guys LOVED the Superior Spider-Man inspired costume I posted yesterday! Thank you for all the love. Here are a few more Superior Spider-Man inspired designs. Yesterday I didn’t give proper credit to artist @ramosland for designing Superior Spider-Man for the comics. Fortunately the comic book community are passionate about accuracy so thanks for setting me straight folks. I know this design was also inspired by @thealexrossart suit done for the first Spider-Man movie. I’ll be posting the full suits on my Twitter @meinerdingart I’m getting ready to head down to San Diego this evening. Looking forward to being around lots of inspiring artists this weekend, including @ramosland who will be at Booth #5017 I’ll be at Booth #5555, come say hi! #spidermanhomecoming #spiderman #marvel #sdcc #instart #conceptart #ryanmeinerding #marvelcinematicuniverse #humbertoramos #alexross #tomholland #comicbooks

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Some fans are already complaining because they think the new suit is just to sell more action figures.  Well, no sh**.  Is this your first experience with a movie sequel?  EVERY superhero gets a new suit with every new movie.  Every character in any sequel of any kind gets a new outfit in every new movie.  In fact, many go through multiple costume changes just in one picture.  Beyond the multiple action figures, it keeps the actor/character visually interesting and helps differentiate the new movie from previous entries.

What do you think of the new Spider-Suit?

‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ will come home to theaters on July 5, 2019.

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