Marvel Throws Spoiler Alerts Out The Window With Its New Spoiler-Rich 'Avengers: Endgame' TV Spot

It appears that Disney and Marvel Studios are under the assumption that everyone has seen ‘Avengers: Endgame’, and if they haven’t, then they weren’t even trying, so the SPOILER ALERTS are out the window, as the new TV spot mixes in some of the most exciting footage from the entire movie, even the end!


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A few prior TV ads have thrown in footage of Rescue in action, but in this one, “Hey look!  It’s Gamora!  She’s alive!”  “Hey, there’s Doctor Strange!  And Spider-Man!”

Avengers Endgame ©2019 Marvel Studios

So while this trailer may not be great for those that haven’t seen ‘Endgame’ yet, it actually serves another better purpose.  For those of us who have already seen it– some more than once– and want to relive it, but don’t want to sit through all three hours again, this works as a great highlights reel.

It plucks elements from throughout the film, from the rollicking “time heist” (including the Ancient One knocking Banner from the Hulk’s body, and the Cap vs. Cap clash), to the epic final battle (all the women teamed up, Tony hugging Pete after he returned from the dead).

But while this action-packed clip lets you revisit some of the most exciting moments from the film, its true purpose is to get those that have already seen it to do so at least one more time. These rousing clips from some of the movie’s most exciting sequences may remind fans of how great they felt watching ‘Endgame’ in theaters and may encourage them to head back.  (Plus, now you know when you can go pee.)


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Check out the action-packed clip below:


‘Endgame’ is already the second-highest-grossing movie of all time worldwide, but it’s about $500 million short of the #1 movie, ‘Avatar’, and ‘Endgame’ is in its third weekend, so attendance is down.  Add to that the fact that competition is getting tougher. Most studios steered clear of ‘Endgame’, refusing to release any major flicks the week before and in the two weeks after it opened.  But this weekend, Warner Brothers’ ‘Detective Pikachu’ is the first major picture to attempt to take on ‘Endgame’.  If ‘Endgame’ wants to overtake ‘Avatar’, it needs a lot of repeat viewers.

How many times have you seen ‘Endgame’?  Will you go see it again?