‘Batman’ will be among the DC Comics titles going biweekly this summer as the publisher moves to bring its output more in line with the movies and television offerings based on them as produced by parent company Warner Brothers.  For the last five years, since the launch of the New 52 initiative, Scott Snyder has penned ‘Batman’, making it one of DC’s best selling titles, but he will be stepping away from the book when it goes to the new every-other-week schedule, but he won’t be straying far.  In fact, he won’t be leaving Gotham City at all.  Snyder will assume the writing duties on Batman’s other solo title ‘Detective Comics’.

The character Batman made his debut in 1939’s ‘Detective Comics’ #27 and was given his own headlining book in 1940. The hero has headlined both books ever since with only a few gaps.  The ‘Detective Comics’ book sold so well that National Periodicals renamed itself DC in its honor.

No explanation was given for Scott’s shift, but it is speculated that it was so the writer could continue telling the stories he wanted to tell without worrying about the event crossovers in which the ‘Batman’ book is likely to be embroiled.  He will be joined by artist Jock and will be kicking off a new storyline entitled “The Black Mirror.”


Here is the issue’s solicitation:

Up-and-coming writer Scott Snyder (AMERICAN VAMPIRE) and acclaimed artist Jock (THE LOSERS) make their debut as the new ONGOING creative team of DETECTIVE COMICS!In “The Black Mirror” part 1 of 3, a series of brutal murders pushes Batman’s detective skills to the limit and forces him to confront one of Gotham City’s oldest evils. Plus, in the start of a COMMISSIONER GORDON second feature also written by Scott Snyder, when a figure from the past returns to Gotham, Jim Gordon must face some of his darkest demons. Featuring; Art by Francesco Francavilla.

Are you a reader of ‘Batman’ and/or ‘Detective Comics’?  What do you think of the creative shuffle?

Source: Bleeding Cool