'Critters Attack!' Looks To Take A Bite Out Of The Box Office With An R-Rating For "Bloody Creature Violence"

’80s horror franchise ‘Critters’ is having a moment.  Shudder recently unleashed ‘Critters: A New Binge’ an eight-part streaming series and now it appears that a new movie is headed to theaters!  Last year, it was rumored that a new ‘Critters’ movie was being worked on for Syfy, but it appears that the film was submitted to the MPAA for a rating, something TV movies don’t have to do.  That would seem to indicate that this picture is headed to the cineplex.

Via Exhibitor Relations Co.:

There’s a new WB movie called CRITTERS ATTACK! It’s rated R for bloody creature violence. Is this CRITTERS 5?!?!

— Exhibitor Relations Co. (@ERCboxoffice) April 16, 2019

Yes, the new picture is named ‘Critters Attack!’ and it received an R rating for “bloody creature violence.”  The person who posted this tweet indicates that this picture hails from Warner Brothers, which owns New Line, the studio that released the original movies.

The first ‘Critters’ arrived in 1986, with sequels following in 1988, 1991, and 1992.  (A then-unknown Leonardo DiCaprio appeared in ‘Critters 3’!)  Only the first two were released in theaters, with the other two going straight-to-video.  The Critters, or Crites, were created by The Chiodo Brothers, who went on to make ‘Killer Klowns From Outer Space’, another campy ’80s horror classic.  Incidentally, news of the new ‘Critters’ movie being produced for Syfy arrived with the news that a ‘Killer Klowns’ reboot was also being crafted for the network.

It’s not clear if ‘Critters Attack!’ is the same project that was being developed for Syfy.  It is possible that someone at Warner Brothers began developing ‘Critters Attack!’ separately.  But it’s a little odd that the movie was completely made in secrecy and we’re only hearing about it now that it has been submitted for an MPAA rating.

We’ll keep you updated on any developments as they arrive.

Are you excited at the thought of a new ‘Critters’ flick chomping onto the big screen?