Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

Part 1 of the Netflix series ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ saw our heroine signing her name to the Book of the Beast, forever changing life as she knew it. Part 2 will take us deeper into the underworld of the witches, and will take a much darker turn.


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In an interview with EW, Lucy Davis, who plays Aunt Hilda in the series, says it’s darker,” while Miranda Otto, Aunt Zelda, adds:

“Part 2 is sexier, definitely. There’s a lot more about the witch world, and the witch world is a very sexually active kind of world.”

Sabrina’s new platinum hair also brings about an attitude change for the teen witch, and Davis says this shift concerns her aunts. Otto explains that Zelda is conflicted, saying:

“Very proud of Sabrina but she’s also frightened by her independence and some of the decisions that she’s making along the way.”

This makes sense, as Chance Perdomo, who plays cousin Ambrose, points out, because Sabrina’s family is usually left to clean up the mess left behind by her sometimes-impulsive actions.

Speaking of Ambrose, the cast assures fans that Part 2 will explore the past of the mysterious housebound cousin, as well as delve into why Madam Satan is bad and much more!

Part 2 of the ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ premiered on Netflix on Friday, April 5.