The imperial members of ABC’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ are continuing to form with the addition of Wendy Crewson to the cast.

Crewson was just recently seen in the Channing Tatum’s ‘The Vow’ which was released last month as well as the movie ‘The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising’ and ‘The Santa Clause’ movies. She will be playing Mara, a member of Emperor Dorian’s cabinet and a good friend of Grace.

Not to be confused with the CW’s ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ this version is the reimaging of the classic fairy tale. Although ABC is owned by Disney, there won’t be any talking teapots or dancing candlesticks. Instead, we have an embattled princess named Grace (Ruth Bradley) who finds she has an unlikely connection with a mysterious beast named Shiro (Darius Campbell) who is a mercenary bodyguard. This poses a dilemma as Grace is already engaged to Gorrick (Christopher Egan), a trusted soldier of the King. But there is more to the kingdom than what it seems as the Chancellor (F. Murray Abraham), Emperor Dorian’s entrusted advisor, has a duplicitous agenda.

With the addition of Crewson and Oscar winner Abraham, this pilot is beginning to peak my interest and turning out to look an like intriguing night time soap with a fairy tale setting. I’m not so reluctant to write this pilot off and am considering it as something to see if it makes it to the small screen.