Netflix Black Mirror Bandersnatch

In December, viewers chose to embark on the ‘Black Mirror’ interactive adventure ‘Bandersnatch’ making it a smash.  Now Netflix is aiming to replicate the experience with more projects that allow audience members to determine the storyline and outcome.


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Thanks to the fact that ‘Bandersnatch’ isn’t just one movie, Netflix discovered that fans were rewatching it over and over in order to make different choices to experience a different outcome each time.  While Netflix doesn’t technically have “ratings” like regular networks, they count streams the same way and the more something gets streamed, the more successful it is considered.  Re-watching ‘Bandersnatch’ translates to better ratings than a normal film that people only watch once, even if fewer people watch it.  But considering the buzz that ‘Bandersnatch’ kicked up upon its release, it sounds like plenty of people checked it out, even if they only did so once.


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To help develop more interactive programming, Netflix is hiring “Narrative Designers”:

In the role of Narrative Designer, you will apply your passion for interactive experiences, narrative design and technology to help reimagine the future of entertainment experiences on Netflix. You will work closely with a talented team of designers, producers, content executives, and external content producers to help facilitate and create the next generation of story experiences for millions of Netflix viewers around the world.

The job listing goes on to state “Our ideal candidate will be equally comfortable reviewing creative materials and designing complex user flows,” and “Above all, you have deep expertise helping design and craft interactive narratives across a range of mediums (video, games, apps) and platforms (TV, mobile, web) for a diverse audience.”

Written by Charlie Brooker, and directed by David Slade, ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ starred Fionn Whitehead, Will Poulter, Asim Chaudhry, Craig Parkinson, and Alice Lowe.  The story followed a video game designer in the ’80s, Stefan Butler (Whitehead) attempting to turn the fantasy ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ book ‘Bandersnatch’ into a video game.  (Note, ‘Bandersnatch’ is in no way affiliated with the popular ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ book series, whose publisher Chooseco LTD chose to sue Netflix after ‘Bandersnatch’s release.)

The term “Bandersnatch” refers to a fictional beast from Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’, which was referenced throughout the movie.

If you would like to apply, check out the job listing on Netflix.