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Todd McFarlane has been gunning for a ‘Spawn‘ reboot for some time and now we’ve learned that it is going to be a “low-budget reboot” of the franchise. As the comic creator has teamed up with Blumhouse Productions who is known for making the most on a shoestring budget and do so in a way that audiences love, this should come as no surprise. I’m sure it helps that Spawn isn’t actually set to be the star of the film as his character is “not the biggest role” in this reboot.

In fact, the focus will actually be closer to ‘Jaws’ where the iconic shark “showed up at the opportune time to make the movie worthwhile” which is likely how we’ll see Spawn appear. That isn’t the only comparison he draws either as it sounds as if Twitch will be similar to Sheriff Brody in the classic film.

The news of the budget doesn’t come from McFarlane though but from producer Jason Blum who will likely be helping oversee the project as he has done with so many of the studio’s constant stream of hits. He has stated:

“This Spawn movie is a kind of superhero movie, but a very different kind of feeling superhero movie. I like the idea of low-budget superhero movies. It’s cool.”

With McFarlane having previously used the words “Dark”, “Nasty”, and “R-Rated” for his vision of the film, that would absolutely make this “a very different kind of feeling superhero movie” indeed.

While this has worked for both ‘Deadpool’ and ‘Logan’ for tone, it does make it sound like we won’t be seeing too many opportunities to see the Hellspawn himself as detectives and not our hero will be the focus. What that means for any future installments would clearly remain to be seen.

Are you looking forward to the reboot of ‘Spawn’? Do you feel that if this pans out for audiences we could see a sequel with a larger budget as with what happened for ‘Deadpool’? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Collider