The Walking Dead

Readers of the comics may have noticed that while that medium has been able to depict winter in the world of ‘The Walking Dead’, the show hasn’t.  That’s because the TV series films during the dead of summer in the vicinity of southern Atlanta, Georgia.  And while the budget for ‘The Walking Dead’ is extremely high compared to other hour-long dramas, it seems that turning the 100° Georgia summers into frigid winters was just beyond the show’s grasp… until now.  18 new photos have been released from the Season 9 finale and they show both the survivors and walkers covered in snow!

That may (or may not) be what the show’s new topliner, Norman Reedus is referring to when discussing how the finale will be unlike anything that watchers have seen before.

“I will say visually the last episode is nothing like you’ve ever seen on The Walking Dead before.  It’s completely different. It was so fun to shoot. It’s a different look, 1000%, in the end. It’s a huge, visually explosive episode that’s going to be visually stunning.”

Check out these new crisp winter images to get a taste of what to expect from this Sunday’s episode.

(Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, via Entertainment Weekly)


Reedus meanwhile offered a few more teases about the season finale.

“There are some personalities at the very end that get wrapped up in a certain way, like you think a person’s far to the left and they end up far to the right.  We ended on a way that’s kind of The Great Escape. It’s not a wrap-it-all-up-in-a-bow episode. It’s definitely a moving forward sort of vibe. It’s just huge.”

Reedus revealed that his BFF Andrew Lincoln is thinking twice about his decision to leave the show last season.

“It’s funny because I talked to Andy the other day.  And he was like, “Man, I picked the wrong time to leave the show because it’s so f—ing good right now.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, you did, dude. You picked the wrong time.’

The Season 9 finale of ‘The Walking Dead’ airs on AMC this Sunday at 9 pm EST.