Netflix is known for almost never releasing its viewership numbers so it is a fun surprise that they are giving us solid numbers for the choose your own adventureBlack Mirror: Bandersnatch‘ movie. Specifically, they are letting us know what some of the most and least popular decisions viewers have made so far! With how many endings the film has it is interesting to see that some choices get picked quite often while some are rarely used.

The first choice of the story may or may not have had any real impact but it does seem to show that a majority of viewers aren’t a fan of the Sugar Puffs.

As to having a more stable job or not, it seems that the vast majority felt that the main character should be working in software!

Another fun one is how British and those from around the world feel about the importance of tea as:

Fans might get sentimental over the least used ending as it was moving but not many ended up being able to see it:

There are still a ton of choices that viewers would likely want to see stats on. A specific scene about Stefan’s father or what to do with a dead body come to mind.

Are any of these choices surprising to you? Is there a choice which you nope Netflix reveals the statistics for? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly