The new ‘Hellboy’ is a month away, so to tease the film reboot, four new photos have been released via the official movie Twitter account.  In the picture, Hellboy teams up with a team of medieval warriors called the Wild Hunt, who are also dedicated to destroying monsters.  He will need their help against a new threat, Nimue the Blood Queen  played by Milla JovovichNeil Marshall directed the new film, with ‘Stranger Things’ David Harbour stepping into the title role.  Also shown in the new pictures are Alistair Petrie as Lord Adam Glaren, head of the Osiris Club, and Ian McShane as Doctor Trevor Bruttenholm, founder of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense and Hellboy’s surrogate father.

Check out the new photos below:

In addition to Harbour, Jovovich, Petrie, and McShane, ‘Hellboy’ also stars Sasha Lane, Daniel Dae Kim, Thomas Haden Church, Penelope Mitchell, Sophie Okonedo, Brian Gleeson, and Laila Morse, with Stephen Graham and Douglas Tait as Gruagach, a warthog-like servant to Nimue.

Hellboy is back, and he’s on fire. From the pages of Mike Mignola’s seminal work, this action-packed story sees the legendary half-demon superhero (David Harbour, “Stranger Things”) called to the English countryside to battle a trio of rampaging giants. There he discovers The Blood Queen, Nimue (Milla Jovovich, Resident Evil series), a resurrected ancient sorceress thirsting to avenge a past betrayal. Suddenly caught in a clash between the supernatural and the human, Hellboy is now hell-bent on stopping Nimue without triggering the end of the world.

‘Hellboy’ will “Give Evil Hell” in your local theaters on April 12th, 2019.  This film is rated R, unlike the earlier entries directed by Guillermo del Toro, with Ron Perlman in the lead.