Apparently, Deadshot is really, truly dead, and will not be making a miraculous comic-book return at some point down the line on ‘Arrow.’ The news was released by ‘Arrow’ executive producer Marc Guggenheim, who posted the following on his Tumblr account after being complimented by a fan for the awesome casting on the show, and asked whether Lyla and Deadshot would ever become series regulars:

“First, thanks for the kind words. I agree with you, our casting people — in Los Angeles and Vancouver — are the best. Unfortunately, Deadshot is off the table for the nonce.”

No reason was given, but it certainly explains the heroic sendoff they gave the character a few weeks ago in ‘Suicidal Tendencies.’ The rumored answered as to why they would kill off a fan-favorite character is that Will Smith will be portraying Deadshot in the upcoming ‘Suicide Squad,’ film for the DC Cinematic Universe, and the execs at Warner Bros did not want two versions of the character out there. (Which makes NO sense as they claimed there would be no overlap between the CW Universe and the DCCU, relevant because there will already be 2 Flashes and 2 Green Arrows due to them not using Amell or Gustin in the movies). However, this would also explain why the return of the Suicide Squad only featured Deadshot and Cupid during ‘Suicidal Tendencies,’ as the execs might have told them they need to stop using anyone else from the Squad due to the upcoming movie. Furthermore it might also explain the decision to have Lyla leave A.R.G.U.S. and the Suicide Squad to become a stay at home mom, further severing the ties between ‘Arrow’ and the Suicide Squad. If true, it is a shame that the execs at Warner Bros are meddling with a great show in order to promote the new movie, as there’s no guarantee the movie will be successful, and ‘Arrow’ has already proven itself to be a moneymaker.

Do you have any ideas why they would remove Deadshot from the show? Do you think the above theory might be correct? Let us know in the comments!