Sorry, horror fans, but the ‘Sinister’ film franchise is over after just two installments, but producer Jason Blum has hopes that it may be revived on TV.  During a Q and A on Twitter, Blum was asked if ‘Sinister 3’ was happening, he flatly replied “Nope.”  When another Twitter user stated, “I need to see [series antagonist] Bughuul on the big screen again.  Is there any chance that this is a possibility?,” Blum responded “I was thinking small screen.  Maybe.”

The first ‘Sinister’, directed by Scott Derrickson, made $77 million on a budget of $3 million in 2012.  Ethan Hawke starred as a writer who discovers a box of old film strips that indicate that his new home might have belonged to a serial killer, which causes a series of ghoulish “accidents.”  The film got relatively good reviews for a horror movie, 63% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Neither Derrickson nor Hawke returned for ‘Sinister 2’, released in 2015.  The budget was upped to $10 million, but the movie only made $52 million– still a nice profit.  But reaction wasn’t great for this sub-par sequel– 14% on RT.

But it appears that Blum still sees potential in this brand, and hopes that more stories can be told on the small screen.

Last fall, Blumhouse’s ‘The Purge’ TV series, based on the successful film franchise, launched on the USA Network.  It has since been renewed for a second season.  Prior to the TV series, there had been four ‘Purge’ films, but as franchises tend to, their popularity decreased over time, so TV seemed a strong outlet to continue tales in this reality, as it would attract fans of the movies, even those whose attention had lapsed.

Perhaps the same can be done with ‘Sinister’.  Would you like to further explore this brand?