CW Arrow Legends Of Tomorrow Crisis On Infinite Earths

The comic book ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ is notable for two things.  First, it eliminated the concept of parallel universes in DC Comics, streamlining continuity into one shared Earth where all its heroes and villains lived.  Second, it is notorious for its body count, as a slew of heroes and villains died in the conflict, most famously, The Flash/Barry Allen and Supergirl.  As we know, the next CW Arrowverse crossover will bear the title ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ and RUMOR has it, that the body count will also be high on it.  But perhaps more alarming, this ‘Crisis’ may also take out two entire shows!  Once again, this is a RUMOR, but the buzz is that ‘Arrow’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ may not be returning!

This rumor as slightly buried in a write up from Heroic Hollywood, which seemed more focused on the fact that ‘Crisis’ might kill off a number of character and that fans would be faced with a very different Arrowverse when the dust settles.

With a ‘Batwoman’ pilot on order, it makes sense that The CW would want to clear out at least one existing DC show to make room.  ‘Arrow’ is still strongly rated, but in its seventh season, it’s also the longest-in-the-tooth, and its style– dark and gritty– is quite similar to the tone that ‘Batwoman’ will most likely employ.

On the other hand, ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ is and has always been The CW’s poorest-rated DC show.  Now, keep in mind, it still gets better ratings than some of the network’s non-DC shows, but it probably costs more to produce.  ‘Legends’ has been bumped around the schedule several times, first to make room for ‘Supergirl’, then last year for ‘Black Lightning’, and currently for ‘Roswell, New Mexico’.  As it stands, the second half of its fourth season will premiere on April 1st.  Judging by the tendency for The CW to bump it anytime it needs to introduce a new show, it doesn’t look like a high priority, and could very well be sacrificed entirely.

Back to potential casualties, ‘The Flash’ has been The CW’s #1 show since it debuted, so it isn’t going anywhere, but lately, there have been rumblings that Carlos Valdes (Cisco) and Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin) are looking to exit the series.  Though while the show won’t be axed, it could be radically different should the two longest-running supporting characters depart.

One more big change that could result from ‘Crisis’ is that the Arrowverse could finally merge ‘Supergirl’s and possibly even ‘Black Lightning’s worlds with that of the other DC shows.  Though the writers have managed to work around Supergirl living on a different world, this could simply wipe that out and allow characters to move freely between the shows.  As for ‘Black Lightning’, after an excellently-rated first season, viewership has diminished for its sophomore outing.  Bringing Jefferson Pierce and his family into the Arrowverse may help boost interest.

Which of the DC shows on The CW do you think ought to go?  Any characters that you’d be glad to see deleted by ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’?