Sometimes reviewing a weekly comic can be difficult. For instance, issue number two of ‘AvX: Consequences’ came out while I was at NYCC 2012, so I missed it, but I’m back with this review of issue three.

Just to recap slightly, issue number two was all about Wolverine’s talk with Cyclops in the prison that leads to Scott revealing his intention of becoming a martyr for mutants. Remember back in my review of issue one where I said that I was starting to feel bad for Scott Summers? Well, there that goes.

Now, in issue number three, Wolverine shares with Captain America, S.H.I.E.L.D., and S.W.O.R.D. the intentions of Scott Summers, the hunt for Cyclops’ extinction team continues, and Hope Summers tries to live a normal, teenage life.

I find what Kieron Gillen is doing with Cylops’ character to be so interesting. A lot of people viewed Scott as a boy scout, but Gillen is throwing that perception out the window. Obviously, Scott and Emma Frost have been corrupted by the Phoenix Force, so that has a lot to do with the changes, but after years of somewhat staying the same, the change was necessary. Similar to John Cena in the WWE, Cyclops has essentially had the same character for decades. Sure, kids love the whole schtick, but for the older fans, it was starting to get old, and I’m glad Marvel took him in a very different direction so as to keep the character fresh and exciting. I may not like him, but I sure as hell find the journey that this former X-Men leader is going through interesting. Now if only the WWE would take a cue from Marvel and change up John Cena a little bit…

Final Score (for issues 2 & 3):