Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

With Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes now gone from ‘The Walking Dead‘ it should be noted that one of the remaining characters on the series, specifically Daryl Dixon, could feel guilty about this. While we know, it wasn’t strictly Daryl’s fault that Rick is gone, it is easy to see why he would fee that there is no one to blame but himself. According to showrunner Angela Kang that is going to play a major part in how Daryl is and what motivates him going forward.

According to Kang:

“That’s very much a part of the story as we go into the final few episodes of the season. In the next episode, we’ll get some glimpses of where he might seem to be at and then we’ll gradually reveal what that story is. Daryl feels a lot of guilt. Rick is somebody he loved like a brother, and he feels like things didn’t end exactly as he would have wanted, although they did have a moment of togetherness in episode four. For Daryl, a lot of things are emotionally unresolved, and that’s part of what drives his story and where he’s at. But we’ll also see him coming to terms with people from the group in different ways. And we’ll definitely see some interesting aspects of that story and find out some mystery having to do with the past through Daryl’s story.”

As a fan-favorite, episodes which feature Daryl are almost always well-received and to see him having to deal once again with the loss of someone he considers a brother could prove interesting. While Merle Dixon was Daryl’s actual brother, the two didn’t have the kind of bond which we saw develop with Rick Grimes. He may have been related to Merle, but he developed a fully defined friendship and trust with Rick that seemed to have previously been lacking in Daryl’s life.

How do you think Daryl Dixon will handle the loss of Rick Grimes moving forward? After such a long time jump what parts of this loss will still filter into his actions? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter.