‘The Blair Witch Project’ was the granddaddy of the found footage genre so it’s quite surprising that the director and producer of this movie really never got to cash in on the success of the genre like those behind ‘Paranormal Activity.’ While we haven’t heard much from Eduardo Sanchez and Robert Eick since their 1999 horror film, they have returned in a movie that promises to “redefine horror once again.”

‘Lovely Molly’ marks the return of Sanchez and Eick to the genre they helped revolutionize. The movie has been screened at several film festivals (most recently at the SXSW) with positive results so the movie may be worth a viewing. But you can determine that yourself as we have the trailer for you to see.

The first thing that strikes me about the trailer is that it is a mix of regular cinematic filming with some found footage/POV shots interspersed. As I’m rather tired of the exclusive found footage technique, this does give me some hope that this horror film is different. Of course it still has the compulsory scary home, creepy noises and unexplained phenomena that seems to be expected in films such as these.

Co-written by Sanchez and Jamie Nash, ‘Lovely Molly’ centers on Molly Reynolds who is a “troubled” female with something evil lurking inside of her. Here’s the full synopsis of the film:

Newlyweds Molly and Tim move into Molly’s deceased father’s house in the countryside. Unexplained disturbances in the night unnerve the couple, and when her husband goes away for business, Molly is left in a house that holds many painful memories. Her isolation is soon shattered by a mali­cious presence that unleashes a physical and mental assault. As she struggles to regain footing in her simple existence, Molly’s grip on reality begins to waver. Her erratic behavior is a warning sign to her friends and family, whose interventions drive her further into solitary torment and spur a deep, dark infidelity within her.

‘Lovely Molly’ Trailer:

‘Lovely Molly’ stars Gretchen Lodge, Alexandra Holden, Johnny Lewis, Daniel Ross, Katie Foster and Ken Arnold and opens in the US on May 18th.