Marvel Studios and most DC films up to this point love including cameos but when James Wan‘s ‘Aquaman‘ released there weren’t any to be seen. This didn’t end up being a choice from the studio, but rather one that Wan wanted and likely had to fight for. With everything from ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ going forward we’ve had multiple characters in each of the films such as The Flash and Batman showing up in ‘Suicide Squad’ and Bruce Wayne’s letter in ‘Wonder Woman.’ However, none of these heroes or villains took a dip in the water to see how things were going with Arthur Curry or offer him any help after the events of ‘Justice League.’

You’d think at least Bruce would have tried to see what he was up to and find a way to keep track of what was happening beneath the waves.

That was never in the cards though as according to Wan:

“No, I just feel like this is his standalone movie, just let it be about Aquaman. I feel like all the other characters have had so many movies; audiences have known all the other characters in all the other movies, all these different projects. Let this be Aquaman’s time in the spotlight.”

This is an excellent point. We’ve seen all of the other heroes so far, and there was no need to include them here if Wan and the studio wanted to give Jason Momoa’s take on Aquaman a chance to shine. Outside of a brief mention of Steppenwolf and that ‘Wonder Woman’ mention on a newspaper there wasn’t any indication that the rest of the ‘Justice League’ were even public knowledge here.

We already know that ‘Shazam!’ is meant to be filled to the brim with Easter Eggs but likely, as ‘Aquaman,’ won’t include any direct cameos.

Do you feel that disconnecting ‘Aquaman’ from the rest of the DC films by not including cameos was a wise choice or would it have helped audience perception of the movie? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Cinema Blend.