Dean Koontz Strangers

In the 80s, we saw Dean Koontz’s thrillers having success close to that of Stephen King and now Fox is looking to adapt ‘Strangers’ to the small screen. Koontz released the novel in 1986, and the studio is loving it so much right now that they have given it a script order that also has a penalty to a series adaptation for the show. At this time Jeff Davis (‘Criminal Minds’,’Teen Wolf’) is working on the script, and both Fox and Sony Pictures Television are working to co-produce the series. Davis will also be an executive producer for the show along with Koontz, Josh Berman (‘Drop Dead Diva’), and Chris King.

In the book, we see that several people from across the globe with no immediately apparent connection are all suddenly afflicted by strange fears and phobias. However, it quickly becomes clear that these repressed memories are all connected and will bring the group together to try and figure out what has happened to them.

A novelist in California suffers unbearable sleep terrors… In Boston, a surgeon’s intense panic attacks threaten her career. A priest in Chicago dreads the rise of the moon. An ex-Marine develops a paralyzing fear of the dark. They’re all connected by a forgotten trauma, repressed memories now surfacing and leading each of them to one destination: a small motel in Nevada where a dark secret lies hidden–one that could change the course of humanity itself.”

It isn’t yet clear what network the show will air on but with Fox involved, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to see it head to Fox, FX, or Hulu.

Are you thrilled to see ‘Strangers’ heading into an ongoing series? Do you think that we’re going to be in for something great with this show? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: TV Line