Netflix has announced the teen cast of its new supernatural drama series ‘Chambers’.  The series was created by Leah Rachel, who also wrote it and acts as co-showrunner with Akela Cooper.  Uma Thurman and Tony Goldwyn headline.

Newcomer Sivan Alyra Rose portrays Sasha Yazzie who undergoes a heart transplant.  “However, the closer she gets to uncovering the truth about her donor’s sudden death, the more she starts taking on the characteristics of the deceased — some of which are troublingly sinister.”

“Sasha is a 17-year-old whose world is as big as what’s in front of her. But an untimely heart attack and subsequent complications from her donor set her life on a path riddled with sinister twists. What starts out as a mission to understand the mystery surrounding her heart donor’s death becomes a quest to understand her true identity and the darkness growing inside her.”

The cast is, clockwise, starting at the top left, Rose, Lilliya Scarlett Reid, Nicholas Galitzine, Sarah Mezzanotte, Lilli Kay, and Kyanna Simone Simpson.

Reid (‘Viena and the Fantomes’) portrays Becky Lefevre, the heart donor whose death saves Sasha’s life.  She is described as “a Suburban Prom Queen whose perfect veneer hides a much more complicated truth. After Becky dies in a tragic accident, her heart saves Sasha’s life – before creating many complications.”

Galitzine (‘The Watcher in the Woods’) plays Becky’s twin brother Elliott Lefevre, “a charming, nihilistic rich kid hell-bent on throwing it all away.”  He is also newly sober and wants to leave his past behind, until Sasha enters his life.

Mezzanotte (‘Blue Bloods’) portrays Marnie, a popular girl, who was Becky’s biggest rival.  With Becky out of the way, Marnie is now the most popular girl around.  But there seems to be more to her than meets the eye.  “Her motives are put into question when it’s revealed her parents are the head of a New Age organization with questionable ideals.”

Kaye (‘Paterno’) portrays Penelope, who was Becky’s best friend when they were younger.  But their friendship faded as they got older, but it is revealed that Penelope has an unhealthy obsession with Becky “growing even deeper after her death.”  She transfers her obsession onto Sasha after Becky’s death.

Simpson (The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks) plays Sasha’s best friend,  Yvonne.  “Growing up in the same low income housing development, Yvonne lives at home with two younger brothers, her father, and her terminally ill mother.”

Not pictured is Griffin Powell-Arcand (‘Mixed Blessings’) who plays Sasha’s boyfriend, TJ Locklear, a Native American who lives on a reservation and gets bussed to a different school, where he is a track star.  He is described as “good inside and street-smart.”  He also serves as Sasha’s rock as things take a turn for the weird after her heart transplant.

Goldwyn and Thurman portray Becky and Elliott’s parents, Ben and Nancy Lefevre.

‘Chambers’ will premier on Netflix in 2019.

Source: Deadline