Well, it seems that the Roddenberry family is still chugging along with their creative projects, with Deadline reporting that the son of legendary ‘Star Trek’ creator Gene Roddenberry, Rod, is currently developing a new TV series. Rod’s company, Roddenberry Entertainment, will be working with Stereoscopic Films to create the show, which is being posited as a way to fill the void on television left behind when the last ‘Star Trek’ series, ‘Enterprise,’ left the airwaves back in 2005. The new show promises to have a lot of international appeal and diversity, both in the cast and in the locations used.

The new show is called ‘Holoscape,’ and certainly seems to have an interesting premise. In a dark dystopian future following the events of World War III, a group of youths find a mysterious artifact called the Holoscape, and learn of its great power, and how it was somehow used during the war. Due to contact with the Holoscape, the group uncovers a conspiracy that has controlled the destiny of mankind, a conspiracy which they now have the power to unravel. The show will revolve around the young heroes attempting to escape the dark world they find themselves in and attempt to save the future of the human race.

The premise itself definitely seems mysterious and hits all of the notes that Roddenberry Entertainment has been known for over the years, diversity, hope for the future, and just a little bit of intrigue. Previous shows the company launched did not disappoint science-fiction fans (‘Earth Final Conflict’ being one of the better examples), so there is hope that this one will easily find its audience. What are your thoughts on ‘Holoscape?’ Do you think its more earth-bound approach will still appeal to fans of ‘Star Trek?’ Share your opinions in the comments section below!

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