Amanda Tapping (photo courtesy of Syfy)

After a season of limited angel sightings, the messengers of God are making a big comeback this season on ‘Supernatural’ and the show has nabbed a sci-fi fave to play a major role in this season’s story arc.

Amanda Tapping, best known as Dr. Helen Magnus on ‘Santuary’ and Samantha Carter of the ‘Stargate’ TV franchise, has signed on to play Naomi, a character showrunner Jeremy Carver describes as “cool and mysterious, part of a new group of angels we’ve never seen before.”

Fans will first see Tapping in episode 7 called ‘A Little Slice of Kevin.’ If you recall, Kevin was the teenage prophet that Crowley managed to swipe right before Sam’s eyes in last season’s finale. Her character, Naomi, will appear as an “efficient and put-together person” with her hair pulled back to emphasize that business-like disposition. But she is actually a member of a new faction of angels that has an emotional side. This is quite different than the no-nonsense angels the Winchesters have usually dealt with.  As the season goes on, Naomi’s professional demeanor begins to unravel. How she figures in on the whole angels-vs-demons-vs-closing-the-gates-of-Hell thing shown in the show’s promo is yet to be seen.

Ever since the news that Syfy decided to officially cancel ‘Santuary,’ fans of the genre have been hoping to see her back on the small screen quickly and landing on ‘Supernatural’ has many excited. No word as to how many episodes that Tapping will appear in, but who knows? Other ‘Supernatural’ characters who have now become semi-regulars have started off on a limited appearance gig and have grown to become an integral part of the mythos.

The angels are coming in Season 8! How happy are you to hear about the latest angel addition


Source: TVLine