Over the years, Batman has had many animated incarnations. I watched the Caped Crusader on ‘Superfriends’ as a kid and, like many comic fans, I simply adored Bruce Timm’s ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ in the 90s. Since then, the WB has continued the Batman’s animated legacy with ‘The Batman’ and most recently ‘Batman: The Brave and The Bold’.

Now that ‘Brave and The Bold’ is coming to a close with its 65th episode, WB isn’t putting the brakes on Batman just yet. Instead, they’re moving ahead with an entirely new Batman series titled ‘Beware the Batman’. The series, which was announced earlier today, will feature a unique take on Batman. Probably the most unique feature of the series is that it will be the first completely computer generated Batman animated series. And according to the artwork and early press, the new series will also feature some changes to the Dark Knight’s regular team of do-gooders.

In the artwork, seen below, you can see that Bruce Wayne’s faithful domestic, Alfred Pennyworth, is packing heat. The Bat is also joined by a katana-toting ninja by the name of (appropriately enough) ‘Katana’. And if you don’t recognize the villainous faces behind the heroes, that’s okay. ‘Beware the Batman’ is going to feature some of the more obscure villains like Professor Pyg who featured prominently in Grant Morrison’s run on ‘Batman and Robin’.

According to the Register:

“The CGI animated series will spotlight a classic-looking Batman teaming up with a gun-toting Alfred Pennyworth and a female ninja sidekick. Beware the Batman is executive-produced by Glen Murakami, and will explore the mythology’s more obscure villains, such as Professor Pyg, but also won’t shy away from featuring some of the more well-known Batman foes. In the series, Batman will team up with a younger female sidekick named Katana. During the keynote, Register added that Katana will fill the sidekick role, but won’t be a replacement for Robin.”

What do you think? I love the idea of using more unknown villains but I don’t care for Alfred carrying pistols and, based on this one image, I absolutely loathe the designs. Of course, this might be early production art so only time will tell.

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