James Wan May Never Make Another Superhero Movie, Not Even An 'Aquaman' Sequel

Hopes are high for ‘Aquaman’ closing out the year with a bang at the box office, but it looks like Warner Brothers isn’t jumping to any conclusions.  After all, this studio had lofty goals for a sprawling interconnected shared universe of DC Comics movies, under the supervision of director Zack Snyder, only to watch in horror as audiences recoiled from Snyder’s grimdark vision.  Since Snyder’s dismissal and massive restructuring behind the scenes, WB seems to be taking a wait-and-see approach.  While it seems that an ‘Aquaman’ sequel would be a no-brainer, but well… let’s wait and see.

As such, industry trade publication Variety released an interview with director James Wan who disclosed that he is not yet signed to helm a second installment for the underwater action ace.  As he stated:

“This is my only one that I’ve signed up to do, so we’ll see.  Let’s not talk about a sequel before this one’s even come out yet!”

Watch the clip for yourself below:

Not only does Wan feel “It’s way too early to talk about anything” in terms of a sequel, but he also stated that he may not be interested in making another superhero movie period.

“I feel like I got a little bit superhero’d out on this film, so I’m not quite sure if I necessarily want to venture further into the superhero territory down the line, but we’ll see.”

It’s all about the Benjamins, so obviously if ‘Aquaman’ is a massive hit, Wan will probably find it in himself to dive back into the superhero pond.

‘Aquaman’ has already opened in China and broke records, so if that is any indication, this will definitely be a smash and lead to several sequels.

‘Aquaman’ surfaces in the US and other territories on December 21.

Additional source: Heroic Hollywood