ms marvel

When the new ‘Ms. Marvel‘ was introduced in 2013 she took the Marvel Universe, and fandom, by storm so it only made sense that talks about a televised or cinematic adaptation would be in the works. Marvel TV’s head honcho Jeph Loeb said, however, that there wouldn’t be one. Although, he did do it in a way that could also mean that there will be one, just not yet. Thanks for that vague denial that doesn’t mean anything.

Before I get to his quote though, the logistics of ‘Ms. Marvel’ might be an issue. As an Inhuman, she would be a natural fit on ABC with ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ and the ‘Inhumans’ series running. However, the IMAX release of the premiere of ‘Inhumans’ and early reviews seem to have soured the relationship between the studio and network which are both owned by Disney.

That isn’t to say it wouldn’t happen, or even not happen on ABC; just there seems to be some unhappiness in this marriage going on.

Here is what Loeb said about the idea of seeing ‘Ms. Marvel’ on TV by The Hashtag Show’s Kelly Bohart:

Kelly: “You have a relatively new character, Auran [Sonya Balmores], who’s been popular, and we have another character who’s been popular, Ms. Marvel. How can we expect any production on her involved in the show?

Jeph Loeb: “At the moment there’s no plans for that to happen. That doesn’t mean it [won’t] happen. Auron has just been a terrific addition to the show, and we’re incredibly happy with everything about her, particularly the actress who plays her.”

I think the key takeaway here is “at the moment” it isn’t going to happen. That isn’t to say Marvel isn’t exploring the idea and trying to figure out a direction to take her, but right now we shouldn’t hold our breath. As one of the most popular characters Marvel has at the moment and one that would invite a more diverse audience, it seems unlikely we won’t see some iteration of her pop up. However, with trouble brewing between ABC and Marvel TV as well as the MCU possibly wanting to take a shot at bringing her to the big screen, it seems unlikely that we’ll be seeing anything until cooler heads prevail.

Are you sad that ‘Ms. Marvel’ isn’t actively in development? Would you rather see her in a film or one of the networks that are currently hosting Marvel shows? If TV, which network would you want her to appear on for potential cameos? Share your thoughts below True Believers!