Grant Morrison

It isn’t news that there is no love lost between the iconic comic creators Grant Morrison and Alan Moore and while Morrison stresses that the hatred has been blown out of proportion by the media, he does state that the one work he does hate of Moore’s is ‘Watchmen.’ That’s right folks, one of the main comics that Alan Moore is most known for is despised by Morrison and now we’re finding out what about the book irks him so much.

An interview with Morrison in the upcoming ‘Full Bleed Vol. 3: Heavy Rotation’ has an in-depth interview with the creator where he has shared that:

“I’ve read Watchmen many times. The reasons that I hated it when I was 25 are still there, but now I kinda like it because I’m older and I like the structure, and I’m quite in awe of the absoluteness of it. But for all the same reasons, I hated it.
The fact that none of the characters were allowed to be smarter than the author, that really drove me nuts. The world’s smartest man is an idiot. He makes a plan all his life that is undone by the end of the book in an instant. The psychiatrist sits with Rorschach for five minutes, and Rorschach tells a super banal story of how he became a vigilante and the psychiatrist cracks. If you’re a criminal psychiatrist who deals with men in prison, you’ve heard a million of these stories. It was all to make a specific point about how the real world isn’t like superhero comics,
In my school, I was taught in this Scottish Presbyterian way that structure is hidden: you don’t see the writer’s mechanics. Watchmen, you can’t turn the page without him saying “Look at me, look at me, look at me.” Okay, we get it, man. You got thrown out of school at 16 for dealing acid; you’re clever.
I took potshots at him in the media. I was the first person to say Watchmen wasn’t very good – in fact, the only person to ever say that. And that made him angry, so then I would get worse. I said that Watchmen was the 300-page equivalent of a sixth-form poem. That kind of trash talk, I’d brought from being in the band because that’s what you’re like in a band. I’d brought all that across with me to comics, and it didn’t go down well. I think it genuinely upset him.”

Morrison would also go on to say that the hatred of ‘Watchmen’ was the final straw for the two falling out as “Alan Moore didn’t speak to me after that and would take his own little shots. He called Arkham Asylum a “gilded turd.” Since then, I’ve had nothing to do with him, and he’s got nothing to do with me. A lot of comic fans like to think there’s some feud, but a feud would actually need to involve people’s interest. I read his stuff; he reads my stuff – he pretends he doesn’t, but he does.”

It is fun to see exactly why someone doesn’t like this iconic work and has a reason that makes sense from a certain point of view.

Do you agree with Grant Morrison on why ‘Watchmen’ isn’t an enjoyable read or do you rank it as one of the best graphic novels to have ever been released? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: io9