In a world that’s entirely black and white, how would people react if they came into contact with hues that were totally foreign to them? Well, that’s part of the plot to an independent feature that will be releasing next month. While we wait for the release date to arrive, we’ll be able to whet your appetite with an exclusive clip from Kodi Zene’s upcoming high-concept film ‘Monochrome: The Chromism’.

Monochrome will be available to view on-demand October 16th!


Monochrome: The Chromism follows Isaac Ward, the first person to turn “hue” in this black and white world. After being shot in a downtown crossfire, he is found bleeding “red”. As Isaac’s body also begins to streak with color, other outbreaks develop across the globe. Isaac now struggles to survive while society tears itself apart to try to capture and comprehend these new unexplainable “hues”. Leaving countries at odds, at war and Isaac determined to find answers.