Joe Russo Maintains That The Vision Is Dead After 'Avengers: Infinity War'

While everyone expects most of the apparent “deaths” in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ to be reversed in ‘Avengers 4’, there remains some doubt when it comes to those who died before the Thanos finger snap.  That includes The Vision, whose passing was necessary, as the Mind Infinity Stone was embedded in his forehead and was the reason for his existence in the first place.  Vision even had the indignity of dying twice!  First Wanda destroyed the Mind Stone in order to prevent Thanos from acquiring it, but Thanos already had the other Stones, including the Time Stone, so he was able to turn back time, restoring both the Time Stone and The Vision, before yanking it from his forehead, and killing him once more, leaving just a blackened husk.

However, because The Vision was brought to life through a complicated mixture of elements, including J.A.R.V.I.S. and Ultron, there was some speculation that his persona could be salvaged.  But Vision was killed before Shuri was able to safely separate the Mind Stone and the rest of Vision’s memory.  Fans have also wondered if all of The Vision’s psyche could have been transferred into the Mind Stone.

Is there still a chance that The Vision is salvageable?  Everyone associated with ‘Avengers 4’ is keeping tight-lipped about anything in it, but when asked at a recent Q&A, Joe Russo did make one balloon-popping statement:

Earlier this year, Vision actor Paul Bettany vaguely discussed his character’s status:

“I happen to know what’s going to happen to Vision, and … what I can tell fans is that, ‘Snitches end up with stitches in ditches.’ And I, I’ve done very well keeping my mouth shut for the last 10 years, and I’m going to continue to keep my mouth shut.”

However, it is heavily believed that Bettany will costar with Elizabeth Olsen in a ‘Vision and the Scarlet Witch’ series on Disney+.  Unless that show is a flashback, Vision has to be restored somehow.  And considering that it is heavily believed that there is a time travel element in the plot of ‘Avengers 4’, that could hold the answer.

Do you think Vision should be resurrected in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Source: Marvel Studios News