With shooting beginning in May (ideally on the fourth) for ‘Star Wars: Episode VII‘ to make its December 18th, 2015, release date, you would think casting had already been mostly completed and just waiting for the right time for the reveals. It looks like that isn’t the case as a couple of new rumors have just surfaced on who may pop up in the film and one role that’s being cast for.

First up is a key role that will be up for audition at the end of the month. The most interesting of the roles is that for Princess Leia! Wait, isn’t Carrie Fisher already reprising her iconic role? Well that is what it sounds like, so this is most likely either for a flashback sequence, a clone, or a daughter for Leia that is supposed to resemble her.

Offhand, it’s highly unlikely they would be reprising Leia’s role by someone else completely when according to Mark Hamill‘s close friend Robert Englund (‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’, ‘Hatchet’):

“They’ve got Mark in the gym, because Mark’s coming back as ‘Luke Skywalker’. They’ve got him doing his sit ups…”

So with the original Luke back things most likely won’t be changing there.

Aside from that, it looks like Jack Reynor (‘Transformers: Age of Extinction‘, ‘What Richard Did ‘) has been cast in a role for the film though there’s been no comment on who he will be playing quite yet.

Not enough news for you? How about a pic that shows some preparation for the film in action. Wait, is that design work for the upcoming film on the walls behind the production team?

There’s not that much detail in it but if you’ve got a good eye you might be able to make some guesses as to what we’re seeing there.

So, what do you think about the latest casting? Will that be a younger Leia we see on screen and what form will she be in? Will Reynor be the same route and play in a flashback or is he going to be one of the upcoming stars? Share your thoughts below!

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