Willy Wonka

Universal Studios Orlando is opening a Willy Wonka – inspired restaurant, which now that I think about it, feels very overdue.

Called the Toothsome Chocolate Factory, the restaurant will be located on Universal CityWalk where patrons can watch the chocolatey concoctions being prepared. The restaurant will open later this year. Here’s a blurb from their blog:

Opening later this year, The Toothsome Chocolate Factory will transport you into a 19th century-inspired Steampunk chocolate factory. You’ll indulge your appetite amidst towering smoke stacks, funky gadgetry, and staff wearing unique Steampunk fashion.

The restaurant does have your savory fare including steaks, seafood, pasta and all-day (!) brunch.

But it’s the desserts that are the most mouth-watering. There are a plethora of milkshakes including Red Velvet, Key Lime Pie and one called Chocolate x5.

Need I say more?

Maybe I will. Here’s a description of their sundaes.

The sundaes are anything but ordinary with flavors like Salted Caramel Flan, Chocolate Brownie Bark and S’mores. This extreme twist on a summer favorite features layers of chocolate ice-cream, chocolate sauce, marshmallow cream and graham crackers.

Take a look at some of the images below:

Willy Wonka restaurant

Willy Wonka Restaurant

Willy Wonka Restaurant

Willy Wonka Restaurant

Willy Wonka Restaurant

As Grandpa Joe says, ““I’ve heard tell that what you imagine sometimes comes true” and in this case, it’s a chocolate lovers’ dream!