These Watchmen Photos Give Us A Better Look A The New Police Uniforms

We’re previously gotten our first look at the police in Damon Lindelof‘s upcoming take on ‘Watchmen’ for HBO and now a couple new shots have surfaced! After the events from the graphic novel and the movie, vigilante superheroes aren’t all that celebrated and these officers of the law are probably geared up to just not only protect and serve but tackle any superpowered individuals as well.

I’m sure the fact that Adrian Veidt (Jeremy Irons) aka Ozymandias is still running around in the series isn’t helping the public relations for those who were once thought of as heroes. While the “smartest man in the world” has been declared legally dead, it seems that this death was faked unless Irons is giving us flashbacks of the character which I find to be an unlikely story arc. Instead, I’m betting that they’re leaning into Frank Miller’s ‘Batman: The Dark Knight’ and replacing Bruce Wayne working from the shadows with Veidt.

You can check out the two new photos which show off the uniforms and masks of the Tulsa Police Department right here!

Masks Save Lives. #WatchmenHBO

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Hiding in plain sight. #WatchmenHBO

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It still feels odd that the series will take place in Tulsa, Oklahoma or at least parts of the show will with how vigilantes seem to be more likely located in a major metropolis. We know that superheroes being fascists was a theme that Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons had put in their graphic novel so seeing the police dressed this way brings back echoes of that theme.

I’m wondering if whoever is in charge of Tulsa’s law enforcement or government is a target of Ozymandias and that is why the story takes us here.

Are you looking forward to seeing what Damon Lindelof does with ‘Watchmen’? What are your thoughts on these police uniforms? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Slash Film