SPOILER ALERT: If you are not up to date on ‘Shadowhunters’, you may wish to turn back now, as this article will be discussing the events of the third season up to the present.

It looks as though Clary (Katherine McNamara) will be a little less… dead, when ‘Shadowhunters’ returns for its final 12 episodes (at least on Freeform).  But she won’t be in her familiar surroundings.  Seven new images from the next episode show Clary in Paris.  In some, she is wearing a wig to disguise herself.  She is shown with both Jace (Dominic Sherwood) and the new Jonathan (Luke Baines), all with the Eiffel Tower looming in the background.

Check out the new images below:

Both Clary and the previous Jonathan/Sebastian (Will Tudor) were seemingly killed, after Lillith attacked Simon, activating his Mark of Cain, which unleashed a huge explosion which destroyed everything and everyone in the area.

Last year, McNamara discussed how Clary will have changed when fans catch up with her in the new episodes:

Baines also discussed his character’s connection to Clary:

“Connection. I think as humans it’s what we strive most for, and Jonathan and Clary, in particular, have always felt like they didn’t belong. They’re each other’s only immediate relative, and even if someone is completely lost, there’s still a sense of belonging that comes from blood.


“Take away the magic and the demons, and what you have is a story of a brother and sister just trying to find their way in the world.”

‘Shadowhunters’ returns on Freeform on Monday night, February 25 at 8 pm EST.

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